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Network infrastructure is the set of hardware, software, and services that enable communication and data exchange among devices on a network. It includes routers, switches, firewalls, servers, cables, wireless access points, and other network devices that provide connectivity, security, and management of network resources.

Setel’s network infrastructure offers several benefits for organisations of any size and industry, such as:

  • High performance and reliability: Setel’s network infrastructure delivers fast and consistent data transmission, with built-in redundancy and fault tolerance features.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Setel’s network infrastructure can support the growth and change of network demands, with modular and adaptable solutions that can be easily deployed and configured.
  • Security and compliance: Setel’s network infrastructure provides comprehensive and integrated security solutions that protect network data and devices from cyberattacks and help meet regulatory and industry standards.
  • Innovation and intelligence: Setel’s network infrastructure leverages artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation to optimize network performance, efficiency, and insights.

Setel’s network infrastructure consists of three main components:

  • Core: The core network is the backbone of the network infrastructure, connecting different network segments and providing high-speed data routing and switching. Setel’s core network solutions include routers, switches, and optical networking devices that offer high performance, scalability, and reliability.
  • Access: The access network is the edge of the network infrastructure, connecting end-user devices such as computers, phones, and cameras to the core network. Setel’s access network solutions include wireless access points, switches, and routers that offer secure and flexible connectivity.
  • Cloud: The cloud network is the part of the network infrastructure that connects the on-premises network to the public or private cloud services. Setel’s cloud network solutions include cloud connectors, cloud services routers, and cloud management platforms that offer seamless and secure cloud integration.


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